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One of our Clients, Navitasoft is one of the leader energy business software solution provider on the regulated electricity and gas market. Navitasoft gains almost 80% of its yearly income from the foreign market, where almost all contracts are marketed through tender procedures. In the last two years, Nessum was honored to provide BID management and contribute to the quickly ascending success of this SME.

Represent clients in EU

In the last two years, we have successfully represented our clients procurements published by authorities of EU and non-EU member countiries. From helping to understand the suitability or evaluating criteria, through providing back office support by assembling a self-guiding checklist, as far as submitting the ESPD response and beyond.

Knowledge, experience, Insights

Our clients can rely on our knowledge and practical experiences and insights. In Hungary, Nessum is an outstanding and unique service provider with references about successfully submitted tenders from more than 15 countries.

Public Procurement References

From the preparation of the documents to the fulfillment of the contract in the Public Procurement Processes – we are offering our company.


Országos Korányi TBC és Pulmonológiai Intézet
Belváros-Lipótváros Közterület-Felügyelet
Egészségügyi Engedélyezési és Közigazgatási Hivatal
Forster Központ (műemlékvédelem)
Belváros-Lipótváros Városüzemeltető Kft.
Fadd Nagyközség Önkormányzata
Katolikus Szeretetszolgálat
Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megyei Kórház
Szentes Város Önkormányzata


Attraktív-Kert Kft.
Show & Game Kft.
Grontmij Canor Kft.
IP Systems Kft.
Audmax Broadcast Kft.
EasTron Kft.
Johnny van Haeften Ltd.
Carlton Hobbs LLC
Navitasoft Zrt.

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