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Privacy Policiy

When designing your website, we have endeavored to make most of the content and services available on this site accessible without your personal information.

We have established a privacy policy that protects visitors ‘and customers’ personal information in the most discreet and secure manner and in accordance with applicable laws. This Privacy Statement is directly accessible at any time from the Website.

Accordingly, we assure our visitors that we will not disclose contact details to third parties, unless otherwise specified by the competent court.

Information provided during contact

We respect the privacy rights of users who visit this site. Based on this Privacy Statement, you may decide which information you provide on this website. The information provided on this website is treated as provided herein.

Your submission of data is always voluntary. By providing your personal information, you authorize us to use the information you provide in accordance with this Privacy Statement. By filling out the contact form, you explicitly and explicitly consent to our being able to send you a response or information on the subject of your contact, your consent is voluntary and provided with proper information.

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection of both personal and non-personal information (eg, data used to generate non-personal attendance statistics).

You have the right to restrict or prohibit the use or recording of your personal information provided on this website. You have the right to request the deletion of your personal information from the Website. For any inquiries in this regard, please email us at the “contact” page of our website or via the online contact form.

We do not share voluntarily provided personal information through this website with the permission of the data owner. An exception to this is the mandatory disclosure of information arising from current legal regulations (in the case of an obligation under governmental authority, subpoena, court order, etc.).

The voluntarily provided information, unless otherwise specified on the site at the time of providing this information, may be used for the following purposes only, and only for the purpose of sending information about the services we provide and for maintaining contact during the cooperation.

This site may require the use of cookies for the proper functioning of the service and for the proper functioning of the services. In these cases, if the visitor’s browser has cookies enabled, the use of cookies is automatic. Cookies that a visitor’s browser has downloaded to a visitor’s computer do not contain any personal information that may be used by the Site to identify the visitor through it, so that a returning visitor can you do not need to re-enter your information provided and recorded on this site. The use of cookies is an option for more convenient browsing of the website, and the user may disable the use of cookies at any time in his own browser. However, certain services and content on this site may not require the use of cookies, so these services and content may not be available in browsers where cookies are disabled.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the security and protection of your information. The personal and non-personal information that we receive is treated as confidential and is subject to the obligation of confidentiality. Access to the data is strictly limited to prevent unauthorized access, alteration or unauthorized use.

The content on this site is for informational purposes only. The contents have been uploaded in good faith; we do not guarantee the content, its accuracy or completeness. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or loss of profit resulting from the contents of this website. The Website may contain links (hyperlinks) that point to other websites, which are owned by independent third parties, therefore we do not take any responsibility for the content of the linked websites, the products or services accessible through them.





The content, photos and data on this site are copyrighted. Any form of copying them, storing them in data systems, publishing them on other websites, and using them in any form, beyond personal use, is subject to prior written permission.


General Liability Limitation

The Nessum Bt. Pages may be accessed and used at your own risk. You will not be liable for any loss, direct or consequential damages to your users arising from any misleading or deceptive content posted on this site, from the use, non-use, malfunctioning, interruption or termination of your web pages and services. (This statement does not apply to our services governed by a separate agreement or contract – for which we act and assume liability as set forth in the relevant contract (s).)




Users responding to a request through the website’s contact form acknowledge that data transfer may result in loss, destruction, unauthorized access to the system, and, due to the public nature of the Internet, unauthorized access to the data (including personal data). In such cases, the Website Operator shall have no liability whatsoever, the User being aware of such risk and assuming such risk when using the Service.

Of course, we do our best to keep your data safe, our web site and website are managed by professionals, and our systems are regularly updated. We do not voluntarily disclose information to third parties unless we have the appropriate authority or permission to do so.


Please note that you may use this website only if you accept the above!


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