Public Procurement Consulting

We provide full management of public procurement procedures as well as the preparation of tenders or full representation in the legal resolution of conflicts. We recommend our trainings and presentations to organizations and companies in order to prepare the participants of public procurement procedures for the challenges they might face. In the last two years, we have successfully represented our clients procurements published by authorities of EU and non-EU member countiries. From helping to understand the suitability or evaluating criteria, through providing back office support by assembling a self-guiding checklist, as far as submitting the ESPD response and beyond, our clients can rely on our knowledge and practical experiences and insights. In Hungary, Nessum is an outstanding and unique service provider with references about successfully submitted tenders from more than 15 countries.

For Contracting Authorities

We help Contracting Authorities to decide whether a public procurement is needed or not. From the preparation phase to the contracting, we follow and support the whole procedure. We have experiences in embodying public procurement rules in a local legislative act. We offer support for the Public Procurement Comitee, as well as preparing and publishing the obligatory calls and reports about the public procurement.

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For Tenderers

We offer our support right from the publication of the tender call. You can rely on our company in collecting the necessary documents, in preparing the necessary declarations in bilingual form, and - if necessary - to complete or revise your submitted offer so that it will be annunced as a valid bid.

We successfully represent our clients in EU tenders as well (see at Procurements in foreign countries.)

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We offer personal or small group trainings, presentations, roundtable-discussions, to prepare the participants of the public procurement for all the challenges they might face. The subject, scope and schedule of the training is always a result of prior agreement, considering the number and knowledge of the attendees.

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Electronic Public Procurement System (EKR)

We offer support in the use of the Electronic Public Procurement System for both Contracting Authorities and Tenderers. As a company responsible for the procurement, we provide full service, including all tasks related to EKR; our Tenderer clients can request support right from the registration up to the contracting phase.

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About us

Nessum was established in 2008 by two undergraduate lawyers. In the more than 10 years of its existence it participated in several hundreds of public procurements, both on the Contracting Authorities and the Tenderers side. We have represented economic operators in wide spectrum of goods, services, from healthcare to aviation.The leader specialist of the Company is Judit Torma dr., who has more than 15 years of experience in the field and is also teaching and examining the next generation.

Although the legislative environment of the public procurement is straight forward about the language of the procurement processes in Hungary, putting the foreign Tenderers in a discriminated position, our Company is one of the few service providers offering bilingual documents during the process, or even leading the whole procedure in English.

The position of the foreign Tenderers just became even more burdensome with the the EKR system. They cannot seek advice from the Contracting Authority, often due to their lack of proper knowledge about the Tenderers surface. The public procurement expert sits in a conflict of interest. Unfortunately the English version of the EKR cannot be called „user friendly” either. However, Nessum provides full service for foreign Tenderers right from the registration to the EKR till the contractual phase.

For the Contracting Authority it can ensure a wider competition, and at the same time a guarantee for at least one valid offer, and a bigger chance to have a successful procurement. The whole process can be easier and faster without the several round of completions, which is the best interest of each participant. Win-win situations, just as we like it.

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Our team

The professional work is lead and monitored by Judit Torma dr., who is an accredited public procurement consultant. Her wide knowledge and expertees grant that we can properly and resourcefully represent your Company’s best interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices and fees

Our fee is always a subject of common agreement, based on all circumstances and main characteristics of the procurement, such as difficulty, lots, time and human resources. We offer constant or case by case support, and payment terms based on hourly fee or fix price, considering the interest and demand of both parties.

Are you working in my field too?

We have represented classic Contracting Authorities as well as public service providers. We have submitted tenders for all kind of goods and services, from human healthcare equipments to simple cleaning, our job is basically the same, regardless of the subject.

I have never participated in Public Procurement ever.

If you are a Tenderer being invited to a Hungarian Public Procurement, you can trust our Company right from the registration to the signature of the contract. We offer representation and management, so that you can deal with your professional part, being the expert of it, while being supported in the public procurement part by our expertees.

I have conflicts with the Contracting Authority, can you help?

Yes, we can. No matter if you wish to solve the problem directly with the contracting authority or you wish to submit a claim to the Public Procurement Authority, we can prepare the necessary documents and represent your Company throughout the whole procedure.

I have problem with the EKR, can you help?

Yes, we support our clients throughout the whole public procurement procedure in the electronic procedural acts, including technical help regarding the use of the Electronic Procurement System.

I do not speak Hungarian...

We provide full service in English.

    Why The Nessum?

    The wide knowledge and expertees of our leader specialist grant that we can properly and resourcefully represent your Company’s best interest.

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